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with a Stick-to-it Chart!
Stick-to-it Chore Chart (Full Set)

Chores are the perfect way to teach children the important values of hard work, discipline and responsibility.  Chores prepare our children for living on their own and maintaining their own home.  Assigning chores to the children takes some of the burden of cleaning and organizing the home off of Mom.  Working together increases family unity and love.  By doing chores, children learn that they have something to contribute; establishing ownership of a project and creating feelings of satisfaction when completing a task.  The benefits of children doing chores are endless! However, it can be a daunting duty to organize the chores to be done and who will do them, while keeping your children motivated and willing to contribute.  

Let the Stick-to-it Chore Chart assist you in your quest for success.  Each personalized and laminated chart contains spaces for six daily chores and six weekly chores.  Children enjoy moving pieces from the chore column to the finished column, creating a feeling of satisfaction that motivates them to quickly move to the next task.  Almost 100 chore pieces are included with the full chart set that stick-to-it with adhesive hook and loop.  (Kids enjoy hearing that stick-to-it ripping sound!)  Laminated chore pieces boast colorful pictures and words.  Chore categories include daily chores, weekly chores, outdoor chores, kitchen chores and pet chores.  The full chart set has all the pieces you’ll need for most of your household tasks.  

Chore pieces were carefully chosen to provide ultimate flexibility to your family’s needs.   For example, laundry is a major chore in our home.  But “laundry” does not just consist of “laundry” so more detail is required.  The Stick-to-it Chore Chart includes Gather and Sort Laundry, Wash and Dry Laundry, Fold Laundry, and Put Away Laundry, not to mention hang up the clothes and take down the clothes for those families who use a closeline.  Another example:  Most homes have more than 1 bathroom.  Bathroom pieces include Clean the Downstairs Bathroom, Clean the Master Bathroom, Clean the Main Bathroom, and Clean the Half Bathroom. 

Two Purchase Options Available: 

1. The Stick-to-it Chore Chart Full Set (Ready-to-Use)
This is the best option if you want a complete, ready-to-use product delivered to your door. This option includes:

1 Personalized & Laminated Chore Chart
28 Laminated Daily Chore Pieces
19 Laminated Weekly Chore Pieces
23 Laminated Kitchen Chore Pieces
15 Laminated Outdoor Chore Pieces
12 Laminated Pet Chore Pieces
10 Blank Laminated Pieces with Labels - for customization
• Chore Log for Tracking Assignments
Extra Adhesive Hook & Loop for attaching charts to desired surface

2. The Stick-to-it Chore Chart Full Set (Make-Your-Own)
If you would like to save money and "do it yourself", purchase the Make Your Own kit, complete with everything you need to assemble the product on your own. Assembly includes cutting out the pieces, laminating the chart and pieces at your favorite copy-center, cutting all items out of the laminating, and affixing the hook-and loop. The make your own system includes:

​• 1 Personalized Chore Chart
• 1 Page of Daily Chore Pieces (28) 
• 1 Page of Weekly Chore Pieces (19)
• 1 Page of Kitchen Chore Pieces (23)
• 1 Page of Outdoor Chore Pieces (15)
• 1 Page of Pet Chore Pieces (12)
• 1 Page of Blank Chore Pieces for personal customization (10)
• Chore Log for Tracking Assignments
 All Hook and Loop Needed for Affixing to Chart and Pieces
• Extra Adhesive Hook & Loop for attaching charts to desired surface
• Instructions for Assembling the Make-Your-Own Kit.

Add-on Set
Need a Stick-to-it Chore Chart for an additional child?  Don’t order the full set…just order the Add-on Set.  For less than half the price, the Add-on Set is designed to add only the most popular daily chore pieces that all children would do, plus give them their own personalized chore chart. All the pieces in the Full Set can be utilized with the Add-on Set.

Not only is each Chore Chart personalized... fun patterns for boys and girls are available to fit your child's personality.  Click the below links to see your design choices: 

Brown Retro
Spring Pink
Very Violet
Tropical Twist
Perfectly Pink
Black Shadow
Blue Swirl
Camo Crazy
Forest Fire
Curvy Colors

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Organize your family's responsibilities with a Ready-to-Use or Make-Your-Own Stick-to-it Chore Chart system. 

The Stick-to-it Chore Chart comes in ten different designs to appeal to any child.   
For a complete list of included pieces, click here.
Colorful pieces portray pictures and words for children of all ages.  
After purchasing the Stick-to-it Chore Chart Full Set, purchase the Add-on Set for each additional child in your family. The pieces are interchangeable, providing a complete chore system for your family.
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