Stick-to-it Charts is dedicated to helping children, parents and families "stick" to their responsibilities. Our family has been using these teaching tools for years and we're thrilled to share them with you! These are custom-made products - created for your family by our family. 


New Product - The Stick-to-it Chore Chart

Make Your Own...
Now Available!

You asked for it...we delivered. The Make Your Own chart systems are now available with the Stick-to-it Family Night Chart, the Stick-to-it School System, and the Stick-to-it Chore Chart, as well as most future products. 

Now you can save money by assembling the products yourself! Assembly includes cutting out the pieces, laminating, cutting all pieces from the laminate and affixing Hook and Loop to the charts and pieces. 

Each Make Your Own kit includes a personalized and printed chart, pages of pieces ready to be cut, all Hook and Loop needed to complete the project and instructions for assembly.

For More Information about the Stick-to-it Family Night Chart (Make Your Own), click here.

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New Product:

Stick-to-it Chore Chart

Chores are the perfect way to teach children the important values of hard work, discipline and responsibility. Chores prepare our children for living on their own and maintaining their own home. Assigning chores to the children takes some of the burden of cleaning and organizing the home off of Mom. Working together increases family unity and love. By doing chores, children learn that they have something to contribute; establishing ownership of a project and creating feelings of satisfaction when completing a task. The benefits of children doing chores are endless! However, it can be a daunting duty to organize the chores to be done and who will do them, while keeping your children motivated and willing to contribute.  

Let the Stick-to-it Chore Chart assist you in your quest for success. Each personalized and laminated chart contains spaces for six daily chores and six weekly chores. Children enjoy moving pieces from the chore column to the finished column, creating a feeling of satisfaction that motivates them to quickly move to the next task. Almost 100 chore pieces are included... 
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The Stick-to-it Chore Charts have been utilized in our home for almost twelve years. I developed this product to use with my children because I could not find a product on the market that gave the flexibility to assign specific and relevant chores to each member of the family. The STIC Chore Charts provide a solution to not only organize the family responsibilities in a fun manner, but track completion as well.  Chores may be rotated as frequently as fits your family's needs. However, I find that children REALLY learn how to do a job if they have that task for several weeks or months; however, our kids are always excited for "change the chores" day. Almost 100 colorful pieces are included that represent detailed jobs relating to most families. Blank pieces are included for customization to your household. See how this system can transform your home into productivity! 

Kids do their part 
with a Stick-to-it Chart!
The Stick-to-it Money Management System in action. Children record their earnings, store their money and track their spending  with this easy-to-use system. 
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"We love the chart!  What a fun concept.  Stick-to-It charts are exactly what I’ve been looking for to keep my six year old kindergartener on task.  Other chore/job charts just weren’t doing the trick.  I love the simplicity of moving the “job” to the completed column.  It’s a simple yet effective concept for young minds.  I’m glad that there are plenty of task pieces to choose from and lots of ones to use down the road.  The charts are fun and have kid appeal.  They are darling and I am so glad we found you.  Thanks for having exactly what we need!"
Michele - Utah

"I bought the chart system for my daughter when she turned eight in February.  She has been faithful ever since then to sit down with me twice a month to 'organize her money' as she calls it.  I love the awareness it is building in her at such a young age."
Mary - Oklahoma

"Thank you for the Stick to it Charts. We love them! My husband and I (and the kids) are really excited about them. We have already put them in place and I think they will work really well with our family."
Emily - Utah

"I can personally attest to the value of the Stick to it Money Management System. We've been using it for our three kids (oldest is not yet 5). The other day the kids were being terrible about cleaning up before we went on a date for our anniversary. We told our 5 year old that if she didn't clean we would pay the babysitters to clean up for her....out of her money! That got her moving! Not that money is the most important motivator, but when they see the value of it, they change their perspective."
Steve - Arizona

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Stick-to-it School Chart: Ten designs to choose from, and each chart is personalized with your child's name.
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Majestic Blue: Just one of the six designs available with the Stick-to-it Family Night Chart.

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Family Night Fun using the Stick-to-it Family Night Chart. Every member of the family participates!